In your email, you should have received a message from MobileIron that will present you with a brief guide and a code for setting up your MobileIron account. Once you have set up your account, you will need to go to the app store on your device and download the Mobileiron Go application.

After opening the application, you will be prompted to sign in with the credentials for the Mobileiron account that was previously created. Then press continue at the bottom of the screen.


The next prompt will ask you to install the downloaded profile that pairs with Mobileiron GO. For now, press Thanks, I understand and we will address that downloaded profile In just a few more steps.

At this point, you should be prompted to update the configuration. Simply press OK and then Allow to install the configuration.

Now let's address the downloaded profile that pairs with Mobileiron GO. 

You will need to open the Settings application for your mobile device. Once opened,  you should immediately see a tab labeled Profile Downloaded. You will want to go ahead and open this tab.

Once opened, go ahead and press the Install option that should be on the top right of your screen. During the installation process, you will want to trust and allow the following prompts as they appear.

At this point the installation should be complete, so all that's left is to press done!

At various points during this process, you may be prompted to Install certain applications like Global Protect. Go ahead install these applications as they are tied in with the Mobileiron Go management software.

At this point, we have completed the MobileIron setup!

If you haven't already, please, reference the Global Protect VPN for MDM setup guide to set up your VPN connection.