Global Protect is your VPN and the mobile setup is actually a fairly short and simple process.

Let's go ahead and navigate to the Global Protect application on your managed mobile device!

The app should have this icon below.

Once the app is opened, you will be prompted to enable notifications.

To enable notifications, simply tap the Settings->GlobalProtect option on the screen and follow the remaining two steps!

Navigate to the Notifications window and  Allow Notifications.

Now that we have enabled notifications for Global Protect, let's go ahead and go back to the app!

After enabling notifications, similar to the desktop VPN setup, Global Protect will prompt you to enter your company's VPN portal address

CASK Portal Address:

After connecting to the portal address, you will need to sign into the Global Protect Login page with your CASK Office 365 sign-in credentials.

Once completed, the application will take to the following screen which displays your connection to your VPN. This page also provides you with the ability to Tap to Disconnect from the VPN

Now that all of the previous steps are completed, your Global Protect VPN is set up!