Using Rappahannock IT VPN (Global Protect)

To download the VPN client to your computer you will need to visit the provided portal address in your web browser and login with your provided username and password.

Once you've signed in please download the proper client for your computer.

Install the application on your computer and open it up.

Open the new installed application GlobalProtect. You can find it in the bottom system tray or click the expansion tab (^) if you do not see it. 

You will enter the provided portal address to connect to: 

When the certificate pops up click continue and you will be prompted for username and password

Enter the same username and password that was provided and used to sign into the webpage. This account is also used for your VPN access.

Once the VPN authenticates that user you should see a connected icon, which means you have now established a VPN connection to your network.

If you have any issues please contact us at (540)-940-2773 or send an email to

Thank you for choosing Rappahannock IT as your VPN provider.